Some of the services we provide include the following:

Job Stress Inventory
Charles D. Spielberger, PhD & Peter R. Vagg, PhD

Research shows that pervasive stress in the workplace can have a negative influence on the health and well-being of individuals. High levels of workplace stress can affect employee productivity which in turn affects organizational profits. The Job Stress Inventory is designed to assess occupational stress as well as to provide information about the possible sources of this workplace stress.

Career Attitudes and Strategies Inventory: An Inventory for Understanding Adult Careers (CASI)
John L. Holland, Ph.D. and Gary D. Gottfredson, Ph.D.

The CASI is designed to assess nine aspects of career or work adaptation: Job Satisfaction, Work Involvement, Skill Development, Dominant Style, Career Worries, Interpersonal Abuse, Family Commitment, Risk-Taking Style, and Geographical Barriers. This assessment appraises the likelihood of job stability or change. It also evaluates an individual’s career or work situation by clarifying obstacles to or possibilities for beneficial career development.

Job Analysis

Conducting a Job Analysis is a proven method of determining task priorities as well as evaluating task effectiveness and efficiency. An October 2007 article entitled “Job Analysis: The First Step in Managing Job Overload” stated that an effective method to reduce workplace stress is “work(ing) more intelligently by focusing on the things that are important for job success and reducing the time (spent) on low priority tasks.” A Job Analysis is one of the first steps in accomplishing stress reduction by understanding what is important in a job so that it can then be performed with excellence.

Additional HR services provided include:

Integration of Job Analysis with organizational strategy

Basic HR legal issues

Conflict resolution